Save water at work

Saving water in the workplace

When you consider the amount of time you spend at work, it makes sense that water practices should extend to your workplace. Follow these tips to reduce the amount of water you use at your workplace:

Fit flow regulators on all taps

Using a WELS rated flow regulator can reduce the amount of water used from taps by 50%.1

Fit push-tap or infrared taps in employee bathrooms

Encourage employees to use less water by using water efficient devices in work bathrooms.

Install dual flush toilets in work bathrooms

  • Install dual flush toilets. They use up to 8 litres less than the single flush models2.
  • Infrared sensors and waterless urinals are becoming more popular and may be an effective water saving option in your workplace.

Conduct an audit of workplace devices

  • Investing in water efficient devices such as dishwashers, washing machines and aerated taps can make a big difference to your workplace water consumption and require minimal effort. For example, a five star water efficient dishwasher uses as little as seven litres of water per load.2
  • Monitor workplace water patterns and communicate regularly with employees
  • Send regular emails to employees, reminding them to conserve water and offer useful advice on how they can make a difference.

Test for leaks

Identifying and fixing leaks on your property will save water and help reduce your water bill. You can follow these simple steps to find out if your property has a leak.

  1. After checking for visible leaks from taps, toilets and showers, turn off all taps and take a reading of your water meter.
  2. Don't use any water for at least one hour (don't even flush the toilet).
  3. Take another reading of your water meter. Pay attention to the red numbers and dials.
  4. If there has been an increase in the readings, you may have a leak.

It may not be obvious that you have a leak. Leaks can go unnoticed if you do not keep track of your water consumption. Leaks may be underground, behind walls and in fixtures.  It is important that you check for signs of leaks, which include wet or green patches in the garden, water stains on walls and water leaking from fittings.




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