Trade waste product authorisation

Queensland Urban Utilities maintains a Register of Authorised Basic Pretreatment Products to ensure that only suitable pretreatment products are used in connection with its sewerage system.

Basic trade waste pretreatment infrastructure uses gravity, centripetal force or filtration to separate oil, grease, hydrocarbons, silt/solids or other contaminants from trade waste – without the addition of treatment chemicals.  In general, pretreatment infrastructure that requires chemical addition or uses biological treatment process (excluding trade waste additives) is not basic pretreatment infrastructure. 

A trade waste additive is any enzyme, mutant or natural bacteria or odour control compound designed for use in sewerage systems.

Unauthorised pretreatment infrastructure cannot be connected to Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage system.  Manufacturers or suppliers (or their agents) wishing to supply infrastructure or additives for connection to sewer within Queensland Urban Utilities‘ service area must have each of their infrastructure models and additives authorised in writing by Queensland Urban Utilities.

View the register of authorised basic pretreatment products on the Guidelines page.

Obtaining authorisation for basic pretreatment products


Queensland Urban Utilities has a cooperative arrangement with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) for the evaluation of basic trade waste pretreatment products (including devices and chemical or biological additives). WSAA is the peak industry association for Australian urban water utilities.

Before a pretreatment product can be used in connection with Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage system, the product must be:


  1. independently evaluated by WSAA, and then
  2. reviewed and accepted by Queensland Urban Utilities for inclusion in the Queensland Urban Utilities register of authorised basic pretreatment products (the Register).

Authorised pretreatment products can only be used subject to Queensland Urban Utilities’ existing trade waste approval process and council plumbing and drainage compliance assessment.

It is the responsibility of manufacturers, suppliers or product agents to arrange for WSAA evaluation of their product and to apply for its inclusion in the Queensland Urban Utilities Register of Authorised Basic Pretreatment Products. 

Application to register basic pretreatment products 

Review criteria 

Following WSAA evaluation and receipt of an application to register the product in the Register of Authorised Basic Pretreatment Products, Queensland Urban Utilities will review the product’s suitability for use in its service area.  The criteria applied include: 

  • The product must not interfere with sewerage transport and treatment systems, processes or assets.
  • The product must not create an unsafe work environment for Queensland Urban Utilities’ staff at a worksite or within the sewerage system.
  • The product must not interfere with Queensland Urban Utilities’ ability to meet effluent specifications for downstream recycling activities.
  • The use of the product should not cause any undesirable increase in the discharge of any parameter listed within the Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewer acceptance criteria.
  • If in practice the product is the subject of repeated failures or non compliances, Queensland Urban Utilities may cancel or suspend authorisation for new systems of its type until the cause of the non–compliances is properly addressed by the product’s manufacturer or agents.
  • Consideration of the system complexity and maintenance requirements and their effect on the service reliability of the product.
  • The availability of adequate manufacturers’ instructions on the use and application of the product. 

Queensland Urban Utilities will notify the applicant of its decision in writing within 1 month of the application being made, advising whether further information is required before a decision will be made. Where a product has been conditionally approved or rejected, the applicant may request a review of a decision in writing within 1 month of the decision notification date.  However, any further decision of Queensland Urban Utilities is final. 

Authorised products are listed on the Queensland Urban Utilities Register of Authorised Basic Pretreatment Products. 

Important Notes:  

  • Successful evaluation of the product by WSAA does not of itself mean the product is acceptable for use in Queensland Urban Utilities’ service area.
  • Queensland Urban Utilities may at its sole discretion apply conditions to the use of pretreatment products to ensure their compatibility with Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage system and trade waste objectives.
  • A plumbing compliance permit will not be issued for hydraulic plans where unauthorised trade waste pretreatment products are shown, unless Queensland Urban Utilities has provided a relevant trade waste consent.  Plumbing compliance is a prerequisite for trade waste approval.
  • Queensland Urban Utilities may, at its sole discretion, also consider or seek information about the product’s ability to meet requirements of other agencies (e.g. councils, Queensland Health) when used as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Queensland Urban Utilities may seek proof of product performance and compliance with Queensland plumbing and drainage legislation.
  • Queensland Urban Utilities exercises sole discretion in deciding whether pretreatment products are acceptable for use in connection with Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage system.
  • Authorisation of particular trade waste products is not to be constituted as an endorsement of such products or of any claims made for it by any person.


WSAA evaluation  

Applicants seeking WSAA evaluation of pretreatment products should refer to the WSAA website.  

Details required by WSAA are included on the WSAA Product Appraisal Application Form for Trade Waste Pretreatment Products, available at:


Queensland Urban Utilities treats all commercial information with strict confidentiality. Information provided to Queensland Urban Utilities in relation to product evaluation and applications for product authorisation will only be used for that purpose and will not be released to any person outside Queensland Urban Utilities without the written authorisation of the person who originally provided the information.



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