Trade waste approvals

The owner of a premises from which trade waste will be discharged into Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage system must apply for and hold a trade waste approval.   In most cases the applicant will be the owner of the land or the owner's managing agent, acting on behalf of the landowner. 

Applications for trade waste approval must be made using the Queensland Urban Utilities “Application for Trade Waste Approval” form. 

Trade waste approvals are issued for specified periods, not exceeding five years, based on the approval holder’s trade waste risk class as assessed by Queensland Urban Utilities.

A trade waste approval is only valid until the cessation of operations on the nominated premises.  All previous trade waste approvals issued for the nominated premises will expire upon the issue of a new trade waste approval.

Trade Waste Approvals are not transferable.  Approval holders must not transfer a Trade Waste Approval to another person.

Before completing any of the application forms below please read our trade waste guidelines and refer to the details available within Queensland Urban Utilities’ Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan (TWEMP).

Trade waste guidelines and the TWEMP

The TWEMP describes standard terms and conditions for the discharge of trade waste into Queensland Urban Utilities’ sewerage infrastructure.  It is consistent with Queensland Urban Utilities’ rights, powers, and obligations under Queensland legislation and conforms to the principles developed in the National Wastewater Source Management Guideline (2008)

Guidelines to support our trade waste customers with the TWEMP can be found on the Forms and Guidelines page.

Approval terms and conditions

Queensland Urban Utilities issues conditional approvals to discharge trade waste to its sewerage system, subject to:

  • hydraulic and treatment capacity being available
  • the terms, conditions and policies described within the TWEMP
  • corporate and legislative requirements

A Trade Waste Approval is the written approval from Queensland Urban Utilities that states the requirements and conditions under which discharge to sewer is allowed. Trade waste approvals will be issued with standard and specific conditions that cover the following aspects:

  • duration of the approval
  • trade waste flow volume
  • trade waste flow rate
  • trade waste quality
  • discharge times
  • trade waste pretreatment infrastructure and maintenance
  • monitoring requirements
  • other site specific requirements
  • trade waste charges
  • trade waste customer categories
  • water meters or effluent flow-meters used for trade waste charging purposes
  • trade waste fraction for each listed meter

New applications

An application for trade waste approval should be lodged wherever:

  • regulated plumbing works including trade wasted drainage are assessed by council in relation to new, extended or changes to premises
  • ownership has changed
  • land title has changed to CTS or strata title
  • trade waste is being discharged and no trade waste approval has been issued

To streamline trade waste approvals and ensure that plumbing compliance assessment is consistent with trade waste requirements, Queensland Urban Utilities has agreed to the assessment of trade waste drainage by council plumbing services.  To take best advantage of the reduced processing times, applicants should apply as follows:

For BASIC systems (i.e. business types listed here) – apply after obtaining council plumbing compliance permit.

For COMPLEX systems (i.e. business type not listed here, or where an applicant seeks a relaxation of standard TWEMP conditions) - apply prior to submission of hydraulic plans to council.  For complex systems, council plumbing assessors will seek Queensland Urban Utilities’ consent before issuing a plumbing compliance permit.

In ALL cases, hydraulic plans incorporating trade waste drainage (to be submitted to council for plumbing compliance assessment) must comply with Queensland Urban Utilities’ “Requirements for hydraulic plans incorporating trade waste drainage”.

If your application relates to a complex system, please phone us on 13 26 57 (7am - 7pm weekdays) and ask for a trade waste officer to discuss the application with you. Alternatively, you can contact our Trade Waste Team via our online enquiry form

Note: While a plumbing compliance permit is a prerequisite of a trade waste approval, it is not an approval to discharge trade waste to sewer.  It is necessary to apply separately to Queensland Urban Utilities for a trade waste approval.

Trade Waste Approval and Trade Waste Fraction Application forms can be found on the Business Downloads page.

Renewing and amending existing applications

Each trade waste approval indicates the specific date upon which it will expire. Queensland Urban Utilities trade waste officers will usually conduct an inspection of the premises (including any tenancies) within 3 months of the expiry date. 

If only minor changes need to be made to the trade waste approval documentation, Queensland Urban Utilities will renew the trade waste approval and mail it to the approval holder.  Trade waste charges will continue to be applied. 

Amendments can be made to renewed or current trade waste approvals by completing an “Application to Amend Trade Waste Approval Information” form and lodging it with Queensland Urban Utilities.

Application to amend trade waste approval information

Voluntary cancellation of existing approvals

You must cancel your trade waste approval if trade waste is no longer discharged from your property into the sewerage system.

When an approval holder wishes to cancel a trade waste approval, an “Application to Cancel a Trade Waste Approval” form should be completed and lodged with Queensland Urban Utilities. 

Trade waste charges will cease to apply from the day on which Queensland Urban Utilities gives notice to the approval holder of the cessation of discharge by the approval holder.  Pretreatment infrastructure (such as grease arrestors) must be serviced, cleaned and sealed by the former approval holder as soon as reasonably practicable after the last day of trade waste generation. To ensure plumbing and drainage compliance, the approval holder should advise the relevant participating local government of the cessation of trade waste activities at the site.

Application to cancel a trade waste approval


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