How to identify leaks

If you check around the water meter and can not find any obvious leaks, you can perform a self test for leaks in the underground pipes.

Before doing the test make sure there are no leaks from toilets, taps and hoses on your property. If you find any leaks have them repaired before doing the ‘self test’ below.

Underground pipe leak self test


Step 1: Take a meter reading by writing down both black and red digits.
Step 2: Do not use any water for at least one hour.This includes not flushing the toilet.
Step 3: Record another reading from your water meter.

Any significant change in the reading is a good indication that you may have a leaking pipe, fixture or fitting. Contact a plumber to repair the leak as soon as possible as the property owner is responsible for the cost of all wasted water.


Where to check for leaks

If your initial test indicates that you may have a leak you will need to identify which side of the water mater the leak is located as the responsibility of repairing this will depend on the leak location.

Water main side – closest to the footpath

Water lost through leaks on the water main side of your water meter will not register on your meter, therefore you will not be charged for it.Queensland Urban Utilities is responsible for fixing the leak if the water meter is leaking on the water main side. Phone us on 13 23 64 (24/7) to have it fixed.

Property side

The property owner is responsible for repairing any leaks on the property side of the water meter and for any lost water charges and repair costs. As you are responsible for the cost of all lost water you should arrange for a plumber to repair the leak as soon as possible.

If the self check does not indicate an underground leak and you believe the meter is faulty, you can phone Queensland Urban Utilities on 13 26 57 (7am - 7pm weekdays) to have your meter tested. A fee applies for this service.

General enquiries

13 26 57 7am - 7pm weekdays

Faults & emergencies

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