Complete the As-Constructed Package Certification Form to request a Connection Certificate.
The form contains a checklist to help you to identify your requirements, including compulsory attachments. For more information contact 07 3855 6896 or email

Along with the introduction of consolidated Design and Construction Standards (SEQ WS&S D&C Code) a consistent standard for As-Constructed submissions has been introduced. Requirements for As-Constructed submissions include revised drawing standards and the submission of a compliant ADAC XML file derived from the As-Constructed survey.

We require all as-constructed packages to comply with SEQ Code’s Asset Information Specification.  Part of this involves the submission of an ADAC compliant XML file in the as-constructed package.

We require ADAC XML for any of the following circumstances:

  • water or recycled water development with
    • more than 40 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 50mm
  • sewer development with
    more than 12 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 150mm.

SEQ Water Supply & Sewerage Design & Construction

Institute of Public Works Australia

Preparation of As-Constructed drawings

As-Constructed drawings are required as part of the asset handover and enable issuing of connection certificate.  Location details presented in the drawings are to be derived from an As-Constructed survey with asset and construction details confirmed and certified by a registered professional engineer (RPEQ).

Drawing standards and template

The presentation and content of As-Constructed drawing submissions is to be in accordance with the requirements set out in the SEQ WS&S D&C Asset Information Specification.  Details on the code are available from the SEQ Code website.

Download titleblock drawing template (dwg format) 

How to complete titleblock


A compliant ADAC (Asset Design and As-Constructed) XML file is to be submitted along with Queensland Urban Utilities' required As-Constructed information as detailed in the Water Approval post-approval guidelines. 


Compliant ADAC files contain a structured and precise digital record of the assets described in the associated As-Constructed drawings.

Details contained within a compliant ADAC file include:

  • survey-accurate cadastral and boundary references
  • geometries and relative levels
  • asset attribute data. 

Location details are captured during the As-Constructed survey pick-up while asset attribute data is confirmed or added in conjunction with the creation of the associated As-Constructed drawings (e.g. dwg).

We accept ADAC XML schema Versions 4.2.0.

ADAC Data Capture Guidelines

In preparing compliant ADAC XML files, survey information is to be captured according to Queensland Urban Utilities' requirements.

Queensland Urban Utilities ADAC XML Guidelines

Survey details captured for the preparation of As-Constructed drawings will assist with the population of the ADAC XML file.