Queensland Urban Utilities was established in 2010 to provide water supply and sewerage services. Up until 1 July 2014, we operated under a temporary arrangement, where the approval process for water and sewerage aspects of development approvals was delegated to councils within our service territory.

In May 2014, Queensland Parliament passed the Water Supply Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, which introduced the Water Approval Process. This arrangement streamlines the assessment process for water and sewerage aspects of development and the connections process. 

This means that we are responsible for all aspects of the end-to-end connection process, which includes the following responsibilities:
  • Receive and assess applications for the connection, disconnection or alteration to Queensland Urban Utilities’ water and sewerage networks
  • Provide services advice notices (pre-lodgement information)
  • Receipt payment for fees and charges
  • Issue Water Approvals
  • Assess compliance with Water Approval conditions, and
  • Accept network and property service infrastructure.

Our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) - Connections Policy has been prepared in accordance with this legislation and explains how we operate under the Water Approval Process. 


A Water Approval is an authority given to a customer to make a connection, disconnection or alteration to our water and/or sewerage networks. It is required for a property service connection, network connection, or staged water connection for multi-stage developments.

A Water Approval is contained within a Decision Notice provided to the customer following the assessment of a connection application. The Decision Notice contains conditions that the customer must comply with in order to make a connection. This commonly includes a requirement for the customer to undertake the works necessary for the connection, disconnection or alteration of the water or sewerage service.

  • Water and sewerage connection approvals customised for all scales of development from a new house to a large factory or multi-stage residential sub-division.
  • Timely approval of connection applications - standard connections for simple residential developments within five days.
  • Simple and efficient construction service for standard connections.
  • A streamlined endorsed consultant certification scheme option for minor connection works.
  • Flexible staged water connection approvals for large-scale developments.

The Water Approval Process and development assessment process operate in conjunction. An application for a Water Approval and a development application do not need to be submitted at the same time and timing of submission depends on your requirements.

Where developers are proposing to connect to our water and sewerage services, councils will require evidence that a connection is available. Generally the evidence required, and therefore the relative timing of the two approvals, will depend on the complexity of the proposed development and the likely availability of services.

You are required to make development applications to councils for all aspects of a proposed development, other than for water and sewerage connections. In most cases, councils will still require developers to provide evidence that a connection to water and sewerage services is available.

Refer to our transitional arrangements for further information on what happens with existing development approvals and applications lodged prior to 1 July 2014.

Legal framework

  1. SEQ Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009 - This legislation is our primary governing act and includes provisions for planning, water approvals and infrastructure charges.
  2. Relevant Planning Legislation
  3. Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008
  4. Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
  5. Building Act 1975