Queensland Urban Utilities acquires easements over land to ensure we can protect access, operate and maintain water and wastewater infrastructure located in private land.

We require easements to:

  • safeguard our infrastructure (and nearby private and public assets) from damage
  • guarantee access to our infrastructure for operation and maintenance purposes
  • alert private land holders that our infrastructure is located within their property, and that restrictions on the use of land may exist
  • facilitate construction while limiting the use of land within an easement to ensure the continued use of our infrastructure.

During the construction of development it is the applicant's responsibility to prepare an easement in favour of Queensland Urban Utilities.

An easement requires the landowner to maintain unfettered and unrestricted access for Queensland Urban Utilities. Easements are legally enforceable by South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009, LandAct and the Land Title Act.

For more information

Email development.easements@urbanutilities.com.au

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Preparing an easement