The endorsed consultant certification scheme enables customers to self-deliver connection works that qualify as minor works. You will be able to choose which endorsed engineering consultant and contractors you appoint to design and construct the works and then maintain the assets in accordance with the conditions in your Water Approval and SEQ Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code.
List of endorsed consultants


The certification scheme is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective means for customers to connect to our water and sewerage network. Benefits include:
  • faster and more flexible design approval and works compliance processes
  • high quality certification services, providing better quality infrastructure, with reduced risk of non-compliance
  • a consistent approach across our service territory with less red-tape
  • enables us to focus our resources on higher risk, more complex connection applications and infrastructure works.

In accordance with the Certification Scheme Guidelines, the endorsed consultant will:
  • Review all design information, including all drawings, reports, design verification forms and other documentation to ensure compliance with the Water Approval Conditions and in accordance with the guidelines, lodge the design package and issue a Design Certificate to Queensland Urban Utilities.
  • Carry out regular audits and inspections of the construction of the works to ensure quality and compliance in accordance with the Water Approval and the Certification Scheme Guidelines, lodge the as-constructed package and issue a Construction Certificate to Queensland Urban Utilities.
  • Record the particulars and findings of the audits and inspections carried out in relation to the works, conduct an inspection at the end of the Maintenance Period and issue an End of Maintenance Certificate to Queensland Urban Utilities.
  • Provide certification as set out above and everything necessary to fulfil the role of endorsed consultant as set out in the Certification Scheme Guidelines.
  • Administration of the certification scheme, including the endorsement process
  • Audit and compliance of endorsed consultants
  • Maintenance of the list of endorsed consultants
  • Managing complaints, reviews and disputes.

The certification scheme applies to connection works satisfying the following minor works criteria and is subject to a Water Approval containing a condition that the connection works must be certified by an endorsed consultant under the certification scheme:


  • Network connections for reticulation infrastructure up to 80 metres in length with a nominal internal diameter not exceeding 200 mm.
  • Property service connections (other than standard connections). 


  • Network connections for reticulation infrastructure up to 90 metres in length with a nominal internal diameter not exceeding 200 mm and not including more than two maintenance structures.
  • Property service connections (other than standard connections).


  • Customers may also request on their connection application that other water and sewerage infrastructure that does not meet the above criteria be delivered under the certification scheme. We will consider such requests and may grant the request at our sole and absolute discretion, which will be confirmed in the Water Approval conditions.
  • We may identify on a case by case basis a site, development or network constraint that precludes works from being eligible for delivery under the certification scheme, which will be confirmed in the Water Approval conditions.
For all property service connections and network connections, we will assess your application and decide whether the connection works qualify as minor or major works.

If you apply for a property service connection (rather than request a standard connection) or a network connection associated with a small sub-division, then in most cases this will qualify as minor works and you will be required to self-deliver the connection works under the certification scheme.

Even if the connection works falls outside of the minor works criteria, you can still request that it is undertaken under the certification scheme. Queensland Urban Utilities will consider the particular circumstances of your request and determine if we can provide you with this option.
If your connection application is deemed major works, you can engage an endorsed consultant or any RPEQ qualified engineering consultant to design water and/or sewerage connections.

Endorsed consultant: Engineering consultant endorsed by Queensland Urban Utilities to design and certify connections, disconnections and alterations to our network defined as minor works.

Minor works: Classification of property service or network connections that requires the developer to engage an engineering consultant endorsed by Queensland Urban Utilities to design, construct and maintain the connection.

Water Approval: Authority given to a developer to make a connection, disconnection or alteration to our water or sewerage network.

On/off maintenance requirements: Process for transferring the responsibility for maintaining constructed infrastructure from the developer to Queensland Urban Utilities.