Connecting your land or property to water and sewerage services is a critical and exciting stage of developing. The following information is designed to guide you through the connection process.

STEP 1: Let’s see if you need an approval for your proposed development

You will need an approval if you require:

  • New connections
  • Disconnections 
  • Alterations (e.g. upgrades or relocations) to the infrastructure 
  • Re-use of the existing infrastructure/connections with no physical changes to the infrastructure, or an increase in the demand of usage (e.g  if an application has been lodged with the local council)

If you are doing any of the above, read on to Step 2.

You don't need an approval if you are:

  • developing or constructing outside of our service area, or 
  • moving to a property with existing water and sewerage services already connected. 

STEP 2: Looks like you need an approval, so let’s find the right application for you.

What are you looking to do?

  • Building a new single dwelling house on an existing lot; or
  • Subdividing one single residential lot into two, with a single dwelling house on each lot

Learn about and apply for a Standard Connection

  • Connecting a new reticulation infrastructure to the existing network
  • Connecting a new water or sewerage service to an existing single property
  • Planning a major development or a development generating trade waste

Learn about and apply for a Property Service and Network Connection

  • Lowering or raising a manhole
  • Seeking written approval for plumbing works

Learn about and apply for a Services Advice Notice (SAN)

  • Flow and Pressure Services Advice Notices
  • Engineering searches
  • Build over infrastructure referrals 
  • Property boundary realignments 

Guidance on using the Developer Applications Portal (PDF)