What's been happening?

From late February to early March 2018, we completed a water connection and installed a new sewer rising main in Kingfisher Park.

Our contractor then constructed a section of the new sewer across Jindalee Creek during April and May 2018, which the cross-river pipe will connect to.

Work at this location is nearly complete and restoration of affected areas will soon commence in consultation with the Jindalee Bushcare Group.

Please click here for the June 2018 Project Newsletter

Pipe ‘pull-through’

The pull-through of the cross-river pipeline inside the newly completed cross-river tunnel was previously planned for the second quarter of 2018. Due to a change in design specifications, the contractor needed to source and procure new water pipes with a higher pressure rating.

These pipes have now been delivered and we are currently finalising the program for the pull-through. Our contractor anticipates remobilising to commence preparation work in Kingfisher Park this month.

Please note: The original pipes have been used on other network improvement projects with lower pressure requirements.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete this essential network upgrade.

What next?

The remaining program of work involves:

  • installation of the new cross-river water and sewer mains in the tunnel (pipe pull-through).
  • grouting to secure the pipes in place.
  • connection of the cross-river pipeline to the water and sewer networks on either side of the river.
  • connection of the new sewer crossing at Jindalee Creek to a valve pit on Centenary Highway.
  • relining an existing section of sewer main near the Centenary Highway.
  • restoration of areas affected by our works.

Working hours

Day work between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday with occasional work on Saturdays if required.

Project look ahead

Installation of cross-river water and sewer pipes

Based on the current program, we anticipate the new water and sewer pipes will be pulled through the tunnel in the third quarter of 2018 (subject to weather and site conditions).

Following the pull-through, the pipes will be grouted in place and connected to the network.

There will be activity at both shaft locations at Kingfisher Park and Jindalee Scout Hall during these works.
Upcoming work in Kenmore
We anticipate that work will recommence at Kingfisher Park in June 2018 in preparation for the pull-through. Final tie-in connections will then be completed from the shaft to the existing water and sewer networks.
Upcoming work in Jindalee

Following construction of the Jindalee Creek sewer crossing, the next phase of work will involve connecting this pipe to the existing sewer network via a valve pit on the Centenary Highway.

This work is currently planned in the third quarter of 2018 (subject to weather and site conditions).

A section of the sewer main near the Centenary Highway will also be relined to ensure ongoing reliability.

Following completion of the pull-through, final connections will also be constructed from the Jindalee shaft to the existing water and sewer networks.

What to expect

  • Construction noise and dust in Kingfisher Park, Kenmore, Pioneer Belz Park off Kooringal Drive, and near the scout hall at Mt Ommaney Drive, Jindalee. Activities will include operation of machinery, truck movements, reversing safety beepers, cranes, pumps and generators.
  • Changed traffic conditions near work sites.
  • Increase in truck movements around Kingfisher Park and Mt Ommaney Drive.
  • Possible vegetation clearing in accordance with approved Council permits.
  • Temporary water outages in Jindalee when we tie-in the cross-river water main into the network. Affected residents will be notified in advance.

How will the impacts be managed?

We will work closely with residents impacted by construction during the project, including:
  • Placing barriers and suitable signage around work areas during excavation.
  • Minimising noise to the extent possible and ensuring work methods are appropriate.
  • Managing dust at the source, using water suppression as required.
  • Maintaining safe pedestrian and cyclist access for the majority of the works.
  • Using traffic management to ensure the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.
  • Restoring affected areas as close as possible to the original condition, after the work is complete.
  • Arranging offset planting in approved areas following the work.
  • Keeping the community informed about progress.

Restoration of work areas

Restoration activities will occur at various stages following the works and the remainder will be finalised at project completion. Further details will be provided to both communities as the restoration work is scheduled.

More info

Residents can call the project team at any time 24/7 on 1800 071 230 (free call) for assistance or information, or email us at community.feedback@urbanutilities.com.au

Work is underway on the Kenmore Jindalee Cross-River Pipeline to replace water and sewer infrastructure damaged in the 2011 floods and to ensure the sustainability of the network in the western suburbs.

The major project includes the construction of water and sewer mains inside a tunnel that will be bored 10 metres beneath the Brisbane River, between Kenmore and Jindalee.

We are aware of how highly you value your local park. We will ensure that any impacts on Kingfisher Park's amenity such as the removal of trees (approved by Brisbane City Council) to allow heavy vehicle access for deliveries and the removal of materials excavated from the tunnel will be addressed as part of site restoration at the end of the works.

Installation valve chamber

Installation of a valve chamber on Mt Ommaney Drive, Jindalee

Start of the tunnel shaft construction


Map of truck route from Kingfisher Park, Kenmore