Queensland Urban Utilities is committed to excellence in water and sewerage services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and enhance our communities. As part of this commitment, we are constructing a cross-river water pipeline from Murarrie to Pinkenba, which will connect two water supply zones - the Bartleys Hill reservoir in Ascot and the Wellers Hill reservoir in Murarrie.

Project update - November 2017

Construction of the $20M Murarrie-Pinkenba Cross River Water Pipeline is well underway and we will shortly complete the cross river section of the new water pipeline.

Once finished, the project will help cater for future demand and ensure security of water supply to Pinkenba, Eagle Farm and Murarrie. It will also make the provision of water supply more flexible and minimise customer impacts in the event of a water outage, for example, during extreme weather.


  • We are currently installing the water pipe over creek culverts on Holt Street using open trenching.
  • Open trench installation of about 1060 metres of new water pipeline along Holt Street is complete.
  • We have installed valve chambers on Kingsford Smith Drive that will enable water flow control for maintenance and supply purposes.


  • Open trench construction of about 600 of 850 metres of new water pipeline along Queensport Road North is complete.
  • Auger boring (drilling) to install the water pipe under the stormwater culverts on Queensport Road North is complete.

River crossing

Drilling under the Brisbane River is underway and is expected to be completed by end-November.  Drilling is done 24/7 until the 1.1km river crossing is complete.   We expect to ‘pull through’ the new water pipe mid-November.

Stage 1

HDD Pilot hole

Starting at the entry point off Paringa Road, Murarrie, the pilot hole was drilled along the alignment using a GPS directional guidance system to navigate the drill head position. It bored 10 metres below the riverbed until it reached the southern bank and then rose to the exit point in Pinkenba.

Stage 2 - current stage

HDD tunnel reaming

A 500 tonne rig is based on the Pinkenba side of the river and is being used to systematically enlarge the pilot hole. Multiple reams are being carried out until the diameter is large enough to install the 800mm trunk water main.

Stage 3

HDD pipe pullback

The drilled hole will be cleaned and prepared for the pipeline installation. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has been laid out in a single ‘string’ along the rail siding at Murarrie and placed on rollers. The pipe will be pulled back towards the entry point in Pinkenba until the pipeline is installed.


The above video shows the pipe pullback stage of horizontal directional drilling on one of our Scenic Rim projects. This same method will be used to pull the pipe through the tunnel under the Brisbane River.       

What can you expect?

  • A 500 tonne drill rig and equipment is located on the grassed area at the river end of Holt Street, Pinkenba.
  • A 100 tonne drill rig and equipment is located at the construction site between Paringa Road and Queensport Road North, Murarrie.
  • Noise from the 24/7 operation of the drill rigs.
  • Removal of spoil using trucks and associated dust

How are construction impacts being managed?

We are working closely with businesses impacted by construction to address any concerns during the project, in addition to:

  • monitoring noise levels to ensure work methods are appropriate
  • using approved traffic management to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians
  • dust is being managed at source using water suppression as required.

Project look-ahead


  • Connecting the new water main to the existing water network on Kingsford Smith Drive. You will receive further information about this work prior to construction.
  • Road resurfacing of construction damaged areas will be complete once the pipe has been tested and all work along Holt Street is complete.


  • Connecting the new water pipeline to the existing network in the Transurban land at the northern end of Queensport Road North. You will receive further information about this work prior to construction.  
  • Following the completion of the river crossing, a permanent switchboard will be installed and secured at the current construction site. You will receive further information about this work prior to construction.
  • Road resurfacing of construction damaged areas will be complete once the pipe has been tested and all work along Queensport Road North is complete.

Our commitment

The project team is committed to minimising the construction impacts on our customers. We will keep the community informed and provide regular updates to directly impacted customers. We will also work closely with our contractor to ensure every effort is made to keep disturbances to a minimum.

Find our more

For further information about the project, email community.feedback@urbanutilities.com.au or call 3855 6730 during business hours.

  • The additional infrastructure will allow us to move water between two supply zones and ensure reliable and sustainable delivery of water services for Eagle Farm, Pinkenba and Murarrie, making supply more flexible and efficient.
  • It will support demand from a growing population in the North Shore Hamilton Urban Development Area.
  • It will also provide contingency water supply in the event of an unplanned disruption or planned maintenance in one of the water supply zones.
Pipeline length
  • 3 kilometers
Project timeframe
  • Approximately 2 years, work commences early-January 2017
Construction methodology
  • Trenchless technology to construct the pipeline beneath the river using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Open trenching to install the new mains along the roadside on either side of the river
Capital investment
  • $20 million
More information


 Open trenching along Queensport Road North, Murarrie.

Open trenching has started on Holt Street Pinkenba

Open trenching along Holt Street, Pinkenba.

Some of the water pipes laid out ready for installation 

Some of the steel lined pipes lined with concrete ready for installation. The pipes are made in Australia.