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Direct Debit

Please be aware, if you have an overdue amount on your account, this will be taken within 14 days of the Direct Debit application being submitted. The current charges will then be taken on the bill’s due date. 

You must be the property owner or an authorised party to set up and/or cancel a Direct Debit arrangement on an account.

Direct Debit from a credit card is not yet available.

Apply by phone by calling us on 13 26 57 (7am to 7pm weekdays).

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Pay online

Water and sewerage bill

You can pay your water and sewerage bill securely online with either your MasterCard* or Visa card*. To pay online, you will need your Customer Account Number which is located in the top right of your bill.

Alternatively, you can login or register for MyAccount where you can view, pay and manage your account details easily and securely.

Payment can only be accepted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Pay your bill online
Sundry services
You can pay for sundry services online using your MasterCard* or Visa card*. Sundry services include:
  • Pressure and flow tests
  • Water and sewerage design and connection
  • Relocation of water meters.

Payment can only be accepted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Pay for sundry services online

BPAY® Telephone and internet banking

To pay your bill from your savings, cheque, debit, credit card or transaction account you can use BPAY® via the internet or telephone. Contact your bank or financial institution to find out more, or visit

BPAY® View

BPAY® View allows you to receive your Water and Sewerage bill electronically and enables you to track your bill from any computer, anywhere any time.

To register all you need to do is provide your bank or financial institution with your BPAY Reference Number located at the bottom of page two of your bill.

By phone
You can pay your bill using your MasterCard* or Visa card* by calling 1300 123 141.   Payment can only be accepted in Australian Dollars (AUD).
To pay by mail, send a cheque with the tear-off payment slip at the bottom of your bill to:
Queensland Urban Utilities
PO Box 963
Parramatta, NSW 2124

Cheques should be made payable to Queensland Urban Utilities.

Pay in person

You can pay in person at:
  • Australia Post with cash, cheque, money order or debit card.
  • Any branch of the Commonwealth Bank with cash or cheque.
  • Any retailer displaying the BPOINT logo with cash, credit card or debit card.

 * A 0.51% surcharge to cover the costs associated with credit  and debit card transactions. This fee is calculated on the total amount paid.
Please note, only one total amount, including the surcharge, will appear on your credit or debit card statement. The minimum amount payable for any single credit or debit card transaction is $10.00. A transactional limit of $20,000 (including any surcharges) applies for any single credit or debit card transaction (maximum payment of $19,898 + 0.51% surcharge). Payment can only be accepted in Australian Dollars (AUD).


We're trialling* the free mobile app, Sniip®, which allows you to pay your bill in less than 10 seconds using your smartphone.

Follow these three simple steps to securely pay your bill wherever you are:

1. Download the Sniip app and create your mobile wallet

2. Scan the Sniip code on your bill to make the payment now

3. Pay securely by confirming payment with your 4-digit pin

Note: Sniip payments can be used with Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards and will incur a 0.51% surcharge.

For more information, email, visit their website or call Sniip on 07 3268 7710 from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

*The Sniip trial is only available to residential customers who receive a quarterly Water and Sewerage bill.