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Name and postal address

The name of the account holder (there may be more than one) and the address the bill is sent to.

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Bill details

Customer reference number

Unique to your property, this is the number you need for account enquiries or when paying bills via post, phone, online banking or at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Bill number

Is a unique number assigned to each bill issued.

Total due and due date

Now highlighted green, the total due must be received by the due date to avoid interest being charged to your account. If your account is in credit, no monies are payable and the credit balance will go towards your next bill.

Please contact us to discuss options if you are having difficulty making payment by the due date.

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Account summary


The period to which the adjustment applies. In most (but not all) cases, this will match the dates we read your water meter.

Property location

The physical location of the property being billed.

Your adjusted account

Is a summary of your adjusted charges. It also shows your account balance after adjusted charges are applied.
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Adjustment explanation

This is the reason for the amendment of previous charges. It also details if your account is in credit or if there is a new amount due.

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Payment options

These are the various ways you can pay your bill.

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Your adjusted charges

This is a summary of your adjusted charges.

Your total adjusted charges for the period are highlighted in green at the foot of the section. Please note, this figure may be different to your total due. 

Your total due is your balance plus your total adjusted charges (plus any interest and GST).

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Content and FAQs

What can you do with 1 kilolitre?

Provides three separate examples of what can be done with 1 kilolitre of water.

What are Tier 1 and Tier 2 charges?

Provides an example of the amount of water you can use at tiered charges based on a 90 day period between meter readings. The number of days in the period may affect the number of kilolitres charges at the Tier 1 rate.  You can see the number of days between readings at the top of page two of your bill.
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Water and sewerage account payment slip

The payment slip displays important information such as your customer reference number and payment identification.