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  1. Network Upgrades

    We are upgrading and improving the reliability of our infrastructure by investing $2.76 billion in a 10-year capital works program. Find out what’s happening in your area You can use upgrades
  2. Projects current upgrades/projects current
  3. Sponsorship

    We support a range of community projects and organisations each year through our sponsorship program
  4. Completed projects upgrades/completed projects
  5. The top 5 projects closest to our green heart

    Queensland Urban Utilities’ top five green projects will be on display at this year’s Green Heart Fair, where the organisation will also give out free reusable water bottles. top 5 projects closest to our green heart
  6. Water Main Replacement in Lockyer Valley upgrades/projects current/water main replacement in lockyer valley
  7. Water main replacement program Ipswich

    The Water Main Replacement Program is being rolled out across Ipswich, to improve the reliability and the integrity of the water network. upgrades/projects current/water main replacement program ipswich
  8. Water Main Replacement Lockyer Valley upgrades/projects current/water main replacement lockyer valley
  9. Innovation

    Our commitment to innovation allows us to continually enhance the value of our service offering and deliver long-term benefits to our customers, communities and shareholders. us/innovation
  10. Water Netserv Plan

    Under the South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009, we are required to have a Water Netserv Plan. The plan describes the infrastructure and services we currently services/help and advice/water netserv plan